Avazzialife Health and Wellness Technology
Drug Free Pain Resolution
Avazzialife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution.  Differing from other companies that only offer "Pain Management", this new micro current high voltage biofeedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDs, COX Inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.

pro sport ii




  Transition easily from Pain Meds to non-invasive Avazzia technology;  let your clients get their lives and their dignity back.

Pro sport 2             Ezzi Lift SA

 *Buy the Pro Sport Ultra before the end of November 2014 and get a free Ezzi Lift device -

Allows the healthcare practitioner to set output mode parameters. The digital display readings are preferred by Professionals, as they save valuable time and eliminate any "guesswork"

Output control variables:

frequency, modulation, bursts, damping, including variable settings. Therapy progress indicators.

All modes, including new more advanced modes

Digital display for taking data and measuring treatment progress

  • Allows user a greater selection of output mode variables
  • Frequency
  • Burst pulses
  • Burst intensity
  • Modulation
  • Damping

Clinical use

  • Digital data reduces subjectivity and increases objective evidence
  • customizes treatments
  • measures progress

Great for use in the clinic for diagnostic data, specialized treatments, most flexibility. (More flexibility and more options may result in less patient-user confusion)



Lorry takes us through a tour of the Pro Sport and its accessories. The quick start guide and Pro Sport manual written by Dr. John Hache, are both available free of charge to those purchasing Avazzia devices and equipment from Pacific Health Options. The Pro Sport Manual and Quick Start Guide are valuable training aids that may be purchased separately when purchasing your Avazzia devices elsewhere. Click on the TRAINING AIDS tab in the Products Section to purchase these training aids.


Football Hall of Fame Recipient

“I have received several major Injuries during my tenure In sports – highschool through my professional career. I have tried everything I could find to soothe and relieve my aching muscles and tendons. After only 20 minutes of therepy the Pro-Sport™ brought relief I have been trying to find for years. As a coach I consider the Pro-Sport™ unit to be the next generation of approved therapy devices to be recommended by team doctors, team trainerand people like myself who know the value of positive results. It really works.” Suffered 11 broken bones in his hands during his career. 

Bill Scott - Former NFL lineman











The optional kit for the Pro-Sport Ultra™ Device is comprised of:

  • Large Deluxe Case
  • Pencil electrode
  • Y-Electrode
  • Accessory leadwire
  • Leadwire for conductive pads
  • Four 2x2 conductive pads 

MSRP: Stand Alone Device - $2545.00 (includes Level 1 Online training and training aids)


MSRP: Pro Sport Ultra Kit - $2995.00(includes Level 1 Training and training aids)

 pro sport ii

*Note:  This offer is not to be in addition to any other offers in vogue at the time of the promotion.