Avazzialife Health and Wellness Technology
Drug Free Pain Resolution
Avazzialife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution.  Differing from other companies that only offer "Pain Management", this new micro current high voltage biofeedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDs, COX Inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.




We are registered with our devices and attachments world-wide with the necessary health certification governing bodies. They include:

Health Canada clearance: Avazzia BEST™ Devices and accessories have been accepted and registered with Health Canada. FDA clearance: Avazzia BEST-RSI™ Best-Pro 1™, and Body-Stim™ Devices and accessories are FDA cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain, and an adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain.

CE mark: Avazzia BEST™ Devices and accessories have been certified and approved for CE mark use as TENS devices.

CB Safety Certificate: Avazzia BEST™ Devices and accessories have been certified to meet safety standards IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-2 for TENS devices.

ISO13485: Avazzia has recieved the prestigious ISO13485 Quality Certification for medical products.

For a List of Clearance Certificates &

Device Clearance References from Major Governing Bodies