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Drug Free Pain Resolution
Avazzialife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution.  Differing from other companies that only offer "Pain Management", this new micro current high voltage biofeedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDs, COX Inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.



Professor Keith Scott-Mumby in his most recent book "Medicine Beyond" says it best:

Mumby  medicine beyond

"The SCENARs have nothing like this". "I do believe that Avazzia have really outdone the Russians, with their wide range of features and superb build quality. The port on the side of the device accepts options such as a SCALAR wave device or a PEMF device or, soon to come, and LED device."

The Pro Sport III contains 53 different Algorithms and is completely programmable by the operator, using frequencies from 1/2 Hz to 1560 Hz. Once you have selected the frequency of choice, then you can add such things as (pulses) for better pain control, damping, modulation, Z interval (gap width between your pulses). Once completed you can now put your created program into one of 4 banks that you woulde keep for your favorite set of newly created programs.

"Unfortunately, Russian business ethics and European standardss don't really mix. This has been a problem for suppliers and end-users. With passing of Jan de Jong, co-founder of Kosmed Internatikonal, who passed in 2013, things seem to have gone from bad to worse. I can no longer wholeheartedly recommend anyone trying to deal with a Russian-made device.

It's time to look elsewhere. With the added problem of an international trade embargo against Russia, the OKB hegemony is at an end. I traded in my RITM PRO and got an Avazzia!"

For a complete description of the contents of this device, you can now download the PDF form here

  July 17th, 2015

Avazzia Pro Sport III 
"Device Programs" 

By: John Hache

Source: http://www.avazzia.com/cart/Assets/PDFs/Tech_Sheets/MKT-150101-01-PRO-SPORT-3-Product-Description.pdf

Pro Sport III 2 Stand-Alone Unit $3845.00


Pro Sport Kit

Pro Sport III Kit $4295.00

Includes the following:

PSIII Device, Deluxe Hard Case, Comb Electrode, Y Probe, Point Probe, Leads, conductive pads, instruction manual and online introductory training by Dr. John Hache.

Others have also purchased the fully illustrated guide to the use of micro current technology in clinical settings with a foreword by Professor Keith Scott-Mumby.