Avazzialife Health and Wellness Technology
Drug Free Pain Resolution
Avazzialife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution.  Differing from other companies that only offer "Pain Management", this new micro current high voltage biofeedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDs, COX Inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.

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  •  BEST PRO-1
  •   BEST RSI

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AVAZZIA's line of BESTâ„¢ devices are handheld, battery operated, and user friendly products developed for effective, long-lasting relief of pain characterized with the following:

Warning: Not intended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices or who may be pregnant.

Computer controlled
Pulsed high voltage signals
Damped asymmetrical biphasic sinusoidal waveform
Low duty cycle

Kits are available under each category and their contents will vary depending on the device selected. Contents consist of a device and accessories that are either most needed and/or most compatible with the device in question.